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The design of this residential build fuses Japanese-inspired architecture fused with contemporary sensibility. The exterior facade showcases a striking contrast of materials with Metallic Black Euro brick juxtaposed against EuroStyle Spanlok Matt Flaxpod color. The roof, adorned with the same EuroStyle Spanlok Matt Flaxpod color, seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic, offering a cohesive.


Stepping inside, the interior features a bold statement with black concrete-grinded floors with black seeded stone accents, evoking a sense of sleek minimalism. Kwila feature posts punctuate the space, adding warmth and character to the design. Extra-large interior doors keep the space feeling expansive while facilitating seamless transitions between rooms.


The walls boast a diverse mix of cladding materials, including tiles, ply, and gib, providing texture and depth to the living spaces. Feature LED strip lighting further enhances the ambiance, casting a gentle glow that accentuates the architectural elements throughout the home.


In the kitchen and dining area, a Macracarpa timber ceiling adds warmth. The Macracarpa benchtop complements the ceiling, tying the design elements together seamlessly. Overall, this residential build exemplifies a harmonious blend of Japanese-inspired aesthetics and contemporary design elements, offering a truly unique and captivating living experience.

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